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Koehn AI is a laboratory specializing in value creation from Artificial Intelligence, providing support for executives of companies and organizations across a range of sectors. The company consists of a core team of AI specialists, experts for business, prototyping and engi­neering. Our office is located at Gendarmenmarkt right in the center of Berlin, Germany.

Leadership Team

Dr. Michael Koehn

AI/ML/Data Consultant & Engineer

Before founding Koehn AI in 2019, Dr. Michael Koehn held a senior position at one of Germany's largest consulting companies specializing in Artificial Intelligence, where he advised and supported clients from sectors automotive, insurance, banking, telecommunications, food industry, retail and logistics. He received his doctorate from the Humboldt University of Berlin for mathematical research on quantum physics and relativity theory and his diploma for his work on number theory and field theory. Subsequently, he conduc­ted research at the University of Pennsylvania and for the Max Planck Society. He holds a postgraduate degree in business from the University of Potsdam. Besides his expertise on deep machine learning, he is a pioneering expert for Linux server administration and cloud computing, and an expert for the major programming, scripting and database query languages.

Dr. David Winnekens

Lead Consultant

Dr. David Winnekens studied mathematics and physics at the University of Cambridge and at the Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremburg, where he received his degree for research on quantum physics and relativity theory and a scholarship from the German Academic Scholarship Foundation. Prior to joining Koehn AI full-time in 2021, he wrote his doctoral thesis. He is an expert for algorithm development and an experienced lecturer.

Dr. Dennis Müller

Technical Lead

Dr. Dennis Müller received his doctorate for mathematical research on quantum field theory from the Humboldt University of Berlin. He was awarded the Humboldt prize for his thesis as one of the University's top five of the year. Subsequently, he was appointed research fellow at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, and filled this role until he joined Koehn AI full-time in 2021. He is an internationally recognized researcher and a passionate lecturer with a comprehensive background in mathematical modelling and algorithm design.