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Artificial Intelligence / Data Science / Machine Learning Training and Coaching for Executives: remote and in-person. Koehn AI provides training, workshops and seminars in Artificial Intelligence for individuals and organizations. The course pro­gramme offers a range of courses for executives to choose from. Their key elements are tangible illus­trations and concise summaries together with plenty of room for avid discussions. For we know that it is only through phrasing your own questions that you really will grow.

Learn from the Experts

We are experts who are highly skilled in their fields and have an extensive teaching experience at their command. We are adept at condensing complex material into understandable and palatable terms, having designed and delivered customized in-house training and lectures for leading companies and government orga­nizations in Germany and the United States. All of us have an academic career and regularly lecture or have regularly lectured at leading Universities. Course formats are adaptable to the specific needs in your organization and will be customized to your industry. Get in touch with us via phone or via the web mail form and let us see how we can help you.

Target Audience

AI Starting Courses Starting courses for exe­cu­tives make the basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence accessible in layman's terms, providing you with the vocabulary you need to be able to confidently lead solid discussions and make informed decisions. No prior knowledge expected for these courses.

AI Consolidator Courses Consolidator courses for exe­cu­tives provide a closer look for how the algorithms of machine learning actually work in practice, either on your own laptop computer or on cloud-server infra­structure. Moderate concep­tual knowledge expected for these courses.

AI Advanced Courses Advanced courses for exe­cu­tives make the concepts of state-of-the-art topics in deep machine learning accessible. Consolidated conceptual know­ledge expected for these courses.

Each participant will be contacted in advance to ensure all prerequisites for the courses are met in order to provide an optimal learning experience for everyone. This may include literature or software advice, depending on course contents.


Office Koehn AI Berlin Course contents will be delivered via a combination of beamer pre­sentations, blackboard or flipchart demonstrations, hands-on sessions, hand-outs and downloads. Courses can be held on-site at our client's location or in our beautiful office at Gendarmenmarkt right in the center of Berlin. In the latter case, a lunch for participants and trainer will be provided at a restaurant near our office to give room for informal discussions.

Trainings via Video Conference or In-Person

For our trainings, we employ the video conferencing tools Zoom or Microsoft Teams. You will receive a link and instructions for how to join the conference. On our side, we rely on state-of-the-art video conferencing hardware to ensure an almost real-life experience. In order to achieve an optimal learning experience for the whole group, we would like to ensure before the training that each participant's video and audio signals are reliable and clear.

Course Programme 2023

AI Starting Courses

Value Creation through Artificial Intelligence

Following a short introduction to the basic concepts, we focus on machine learning, the main data-science tool for implementing AI. We describe methods and applications. We provide an overview about supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement machine learning and discuss the concepts of Neural Networks and Deep Learning. The focus will then be on a range of case studies where AI has been applied in industry with great success. We explain the necessary preconditions for successful implemen­tations of AI projects.

AI Consolidator Courses

Introduction to Machine Learning & Deep Learning

This course provides the participants with a thorough conceptual understanding of the technical approaches to Supervised & Unsupervised Machine Learning. We discuss a range of use cases and industry examples. We consolidate the most important methods and definitions about basic Machine Learning including Regression, Bayes, Classificators, Decision Trees, Random Forests, Nearest Neighbors Clustering, Data Mining and Outlier Detection. Next we explain the concepts of Neural Networks and Deep Learning. We clarify different types and technical obstacles in terms of examples. You will leave this course with a solid understanding of the possibilities, workings and prerequisites for successful Machine-Learning projects.

AI Consolidator Courses

Reinforce­ment Lear­ning for Exe­cu­tives

This course gives an introduction to the subject of Reinforcement Learning. We explain what sets it apart from other techniques and discuss the most exciting real-world appli­cations. Insights on the mathematical foundations will be provided in terms of accessible real-world problems. We discuss the ideas behind the three most important computational tools Markov Decision Problem, Neurodynamic Programming and Opti­mization. We close with discussions of the most relevant industry appli­cations including robot control and train traffic optimization.

AI Advanced Courses

Computer Vision for Executives

This course provides you with up-to-date conceptual insights about Computer Vision and its applications to industry. For an optimal learning experience, previous conceptual knowledge about Machine Learning & Deep Learning is expected. The contents of this course cover Object Detection, Semantic Segmentation, Image Classi­fication and Visual Question Answering. We discuss the most relevant applications such as automated quality control, completeness inspection and production robot control. You will leave this course with a solid understanding of the elements required for a successful implementation of Machine Vision in industry contexts.

AI Advanced Courses

Natural-Language Processing for Executives

In this course, we discuss the concepts of Natural-Language Processing. Previous concep­tual knowledge on Machine Learning & Deep Learning is helpful. Following an intro­duction to and overview of the underlying theory, we dive into the most important concepts of Natural-Language Processing, such as Text Classification, Sequence Tagging, Summa­rization and Translation. We discuss relevant industry examples where Natural-Language Processing has been applied with great success, such as Chatbots, Information Retrieval, Text and Grammar Correction, Speech Generation and Pro­cessing and Subject Indexing. You will leave this course with a solid understanding of the elements required for a successful implementation of Natural-Language Processing in industry contexts.

We will be happy to adapt our courses to the specific needs of your organization. Simply send us a short note via the web form or give us a quick call.